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A “Curry” Colorway Comes To The New Balance 998

With the quality you would expect from a shoe made in the USA, the New Balance 998 has become one of the more popular retros on the market – despite not getting all the love in terms of collaborations and limited editions. That’s because the brand continues to churn out top-shelf colorways, and this new “Curry” is just another example of how neutral tones on soft suedes work cohesively with this model. This shade of brown returned to the limelight thanks to the celebrated retro of the Air Max 1 variety, but if you’d like to see this colorway on another silhouette, here’s your chance. Retailing for $200, the New Balance 998 “Curry” is available now at Oneness and will arrive soon at New Balance accounts around the globe. ..........Read full article

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  • Discount New Balance Men MD800v3 Spike Bright Cherry with Orca Outlet Online
  • Discount New Balance Men MD800v3 Spike Bright Cherry with Orca Outlet Online

    Description: I originally purchased a pair just to walk around in, but ended up taking for a jog while traveling, and a couple years ater I have bought about 4 pairs.
    Before you think, 4 pairs in 2 years, that sucks, let me explain. I am pretty heavy for my height and put a pounding on a shoe. When i was much lighter and ran distance and XC, a pair of asic gel lite trainers would last me about 3-5 mo before being completely broken down. thats insole, upper, and outsole all showing wear and degradation. fast forward 20 years, and i dont run distance, but I do cross train among other things, boxing. Now conventional wisdom says running shoes are not for cross training, let alone boxing, and i generally agree- softer EVA midsoles and cool tread patterns for running aren't designed for heavy static loads and twisting pivot motions of boxing. But after doing it anyway, I found that this shoe was built like a tank, and could take the abuse.
    The fact that i had to ditch my first pair completely grimed up (saltwater, sweat, and mud) without any wear showing on the outsole or upper tell you its a tough shoe for the price. With the second pair. I had started more volume in the gym and after almost a year the pair i have is pretty compressed but still comfortable, with not a single part out of place. So this round I bought 2 pair to allow me to alternate, which you should do if you train daily, as it prolongs the life of your shoe a bit more than if you wore them every day.
    so in summary, i think this is a great all around shoe, probably not best for high volume road miles, but great for walking, and GP workout if you like the runner fit for that work. Solid construction, good lateral stability, and medium heel and low forefoot cushion.
    Date Added:October 23, 2018
    By ch1nawhyte

  • Discount New Balance Women Cobb Hill REVmoon Pewter Outlet Online
  • Discount New Balance Women Cobb Hill REVmoon Pewter Outlet Online

    Description: I am not one who writes reviews on anything I purchase. But this is an exception. I spend a lot of time on my feet and they tend to give me problems like planters phascitis. I have a narrow heel and an average width ball of my foot and I have never in my 47 years had a shoe fit this well. I have a high arch and the shoe has plenty of support and cushion for me. I usually bought aisics and wore a size 8.5. I ordered the same size in Brooks and that was perfect. I would have room for an insole if I needed it but I don't and it's still great. In a dress shoe I were a 7.5 if that helps any. By the looks great on your foot on top it all.
    Date Added:October 24, 2018
    By T A